What does running from lions have to do with PCOS? (PCOS Healing Mindset: Part 2)

For a woman to change or improve her reality and her state of health, she first has to change her beliefs about what is possible.
— Dr. Christiane Northrup

The healthy body you’ve imagined is possible.

The second element of the PCOS Healing Mindset is the belief that your body is capable of healing. The body’s natural state is health when given the right support (food, beliefs, lifestyle, exercise, relationships, career, etc.) Think back to the envision exercise from Part 1. You envisioned your body completely healed. All of that is possible for you!

Photo by  Thanh Tran  on  Unsplash

Photo by Thanh Tran on Unsplash

Our bodies are beautifully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that fight cancer, prevent infection, repair wounds, protect us from infectious agents and foreign bodies, and even affect how our genes express themselves!
— Dr. Lissa Rankin

Our bodies are amazing! Something that Dr. Rankin teaches a lot about is the Relaxation Response. Many of you already know that we have the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System is our Stress Response, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System is the Relaxation Response. This is when our bodies’ natural repair mechanisms are active at healing us, repairing wounds, healing cancer, etc.

A lion’s not chasing you, but your body’s reacting like it is.

We often call the Sympathetic Nervous System the “fight or flight” response. Imagine you are back in ancient times, and there is a lion chasing you. Your fight or flight response kicks in to protect you and focuses all of your energy on what you need to survive (to run fast or fight). If a lion is chasing you, is your reproductive system necessary for survival? No. So your body is basically going to shut that off. Your body’s main goal at that moment is protecting you from becoming dinner.

The problem is, our bodies also go into that stress response when our stress is caused by work or relationships. Many of us are living in a constant state of stress, which is inhibiting our reproductive systems.

But don’t stress about your stress, we have the power to turn on the Relaxation Response! Meditation, yoga, creative expression, sex, dancing, playing with animals, being generous, and laughing have all been scientifically proven to kick-start the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Your body already has what it needs to heal PCOS.

The main point of all of this stuff I’ve been saying about the nervous system is that our bodies have this amazing ability to heal naturally. We just need to create the right environment for healing to occur. Your body is not against you. It is always trying to protect you. Do you really believe that your body is capable of healing?

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