Shh! Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something (PCOS Healing Mindset: Part 4)

Your body is trying to tell you something!

The fourth element of the PCOS Healing Mindset is to have an approach of curiosity towards your hormonal signals.

Photo by  Alexa Mazzarello  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

When you notice a symptom, instead of criticizing your body, listen to it.

Our bodies are always telling us things. Think of all the ways your body communicates with you. When you’re dehydrated, you get a headache. When you need to rest, you get tired. You crave chocolate when you need magnesium. Your body is trying to help you!

It is amazing how much your health can change when you take the time to notice what your body needs.

This, like self-love, is a practice that takes time. Don’t beat yourself up for getting off track. If you say you’re going to quit caffeine, but 2 days later you drink 3 cups of coffee, don’t start all that negative self-talk. Instead, ask yourself why you got of track. What caused you to drink that coffee? What caused you to put something else in front of what you know is best for your hormones? And then explore that.

Be curious about your body’s signals. Be curious about your habits. Be curious about your cravings. Be curious about both successes and failures.

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