PCOS Healing Mindset: Part 1

Have you just been diagnosed with PCOS? Or maybe you've known for awhile, but you aren't sure where to start. Finding out you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be scary and confusing. You're left with a list of health risks and symptoms, suggestions for medications, and no idea what to do. I've been there!

In this 5-part series, we will discuss the very first step in healing PCOS naturally. It's probably not what you think! Are you ready to start feeling empowered about your health?

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This is How to Stop Telling Yourself the Same Old Story

We all do it. We feed ourselves lies. Someone once told us we were _______ (fill in your own blank) so we play that in our heads on repeat. We think its part of our identity--part of our story. There are multiple events and scenarios in our lives that we blame on this part of our identity. Honestly, we use it as an excuse for why we're not where we really want to be in life. 

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5 Ways to Empower Yourself Right Now

You know what's the worst? Feeling like you have no control over anything going on in your life. While there are circumstances out of our control, there are so many opportunities to take intentional action. 

We usually think of empowerment as something we do for others. If you're like me, you desire to give others the tools and confidence they need to succeed, but you often forget to give yourself what you need to succeed. In order to empower others, we first must empower ourselves. 

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