5 Simple Steps to Connect to Your Intuition After a Rough Day

Bad mornings. Bad days. We all have them. There are days I wish I could just crawl back into bed and start over. But what if these “bad” days aren’t so bad?

I want to invite you to view your rough days as information from your body.

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Is everything annoying you? Chances are you have a need or two that’s not being met. Feeling off physically? Our emotions show up in our bodies through headaches, missed periods, upset stomachs, etc. In her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Dr. Christiane Northrup says, “When we realign with our inner guidance and stop judging our bodies and our feelings as bad when they are offering us information, we are on the pathway to a life filled with growth and delight.”

So how do we get from wanting to crawl back into bed to that intuitive pathway filled with growth and delight? Here are 5 steps inspired by Dr. Northrup’s teachings in her book:

  1. Name your feelings. How did you feel today at work/school/home? Stressed? Frustrated? Unsupported? Uninspired?

  2. Feel your emotions in your body. Once you’ve named your emotions, take a minute to feel them in your body. Do you feel stress in the pit of your stomach? Did you have a cramp in your neck all day? Give yourself permission to feel your emotions. They are not good or bad--they are simply information.

  3. Ask yourself what needs of yours didn’t get met that made you feel that way. I bet you can think of a few things. Maybe your need for adequate sleep the night before wasn’t met, or your need to feel supported towards a common goal wasn’t met. This isn’t a time to place blame. It is a time to become more aware of your own needs.

  4. Let go. Now, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and long exhales out. Imagine yourself letting go of all of your emotions when you exhale.

  5. Choose how you want to feel. This last step is the most important! Write a list of exactly what you want for your situation (whether it was a frustrating day at work or school, etc.). Write exactly how you want to feel. Think back to your needs that weren’t met. What would it look like to have those needs met perfectly?

Dr. Northrup says, “Stating our needs is powerful because it defines them clearly, allowing our creative energy to flow toward them.” Rather than trying to figure out what to do to fix or fight against a negative situation, focus your energy on the positive things that you do want. For example, instead of focusing on how I can stop others from disrespecting me, I will focus on the fact that I want to feel respected. That way, my energy is moving in a positive direction--towards being respected. Attempting to control other people’s actions is futile, but we do get to choose how we want to feel.

Rough day? No problem! Tune in and see what your inner wisdom has to teach you.

5 Simple Steps to Connect to Your Intuition After a Rough Day | Emily M Swope Blog

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