12 Ways I'm Reducing Waste (That You Can Do Too!)

One of my goals this year is to reduce the amount of waste I produce. Before I watched the documentary, Plastic Oceans, I had fallen into going through the motions and not really thinking about the way my actions were impacting the planet. Thankfully, the documentary gave me a wake up call, and I started thinking about ways I could reduce my environmental footprint.

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What does running from lions have to do with PCOS? (PCOS Healing Mindset: Part 2)

The healthy body you’ve imagined is possible.

The second element of the PCOS Healing Mindset is the belief that your body is capable of healing. The body’s natural state is health when given the right support (food, beliefs, lifestyle, exercise, relationships, career, etc.) Think back to the envision exercise from Part 1. You envisioned your body completely healed. All of that is possible for you!

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